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Two and a half years ago (September, 2004), a young couple from Utah wanted some variety in their life, so they determined to move to China to teach English for awhile in hopes of setting up a manufacturing and importing business. This blog documents their experience on the other side of the world.

Eventually we intend to write a book that will capture our experience in more detail, but for now we are starting with the simplest approach to documenting and publishing what we experienced while we lived in China. You will find here letters written to family and friends at home describing our experiences as well as commentary looking back on the experience more than two years later. We hope you enjoy it. We’re sure that many American and other Western expatriates who have lived in China will find a lot here that you can relate to. Feel free to comment or tell us your own stories of living in a environment that is completely foreign to what you previously knew.

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Richard and Lisa are certified entrepreneurs and thrill seekers.
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